Life Management

The attention economy and the intention of knowing how to change that could provide new insight about the individual and the vendors that work in life management platforms. How does VRM sit with that?

Health Management Interaction

“I expect mobile apps to help change the focus in American healthcare from an acute episodic emphasis to lifetime preventive care. This should help reduce the cost of healthcare,” says Sean Rogers. But there is still a ways to go for apps to make them work within hospital functions.

Bio Funds

Why isn’t there more liquidity for health funding? Maria Gotsch, “On any metric if you want to measure the strength of the biomedical research at our universities, New York City ranks one two or three, when it comes to creating jobs and venture capital dollars raised for life science companies, we rank near the bottom.”


A platform that allows software and devices to privately record information from or about you in a meaningful way. Opening up their API soon.

Self Tracking, a Better Life?

Enthusiasts from around the globe came to meet at the Quantified Self conference at the Computer History Museum to display their results of the self-tracking movement. Almost hit the masses.

Health Information Technology Harm

Missing information because of too many computers, or incorrect use of implementation and other harms often get in the way of helping patients. The health care blog.

Lift App

What makes Power Lifters so successful? Lift, an app for achievements, says to make clear goals and track your progress and put yourself first. Read on here.

Super Better

Resilience is the name of the game in Super Better Labs’ first app. By building your core strengths through collective learning, you can play when you need to and test expert advisors and collaborators’ thoughts on whether or not they were on the money.